My name is Ilya (see this YouTube video for pronounciation) and I am a Civic Technologist at Connecticut Data Collaborative. I am fascinated by big data, machine intelligence, data visualization, and open source. My life-long goal is to promote data-driven decisions among all.

I graduated from Trinity College, CT in 2018 with a double major in Computer Science and Studio Arts. I spent a year abroad at Oxford where I studied machine learning, AI, and data visualization.

You can send me an email, find me on GitHub, connect with me on LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter.


Connecticut Housing Data is a collection of visualizations of CT housing market

Passport Index Dataset contains visa travel requirements for 199 countries

Leaflet Maps turns a Google Sheet template into a map with points, GeoJSON polygons and polylines

Leaflet Storymaps turns a Google Sheets template into a map that flies places as you scroll the narrative

Real Time Bus Map shows bus stops, routes, and current bus locations relevant for Trinity College

Visualizing Cities uses dimensionality reduction, Highcharts, and Leaflet to compare different cities